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[pullquote width=”100%” float=”left”]I reached out to Naomi for help updating my website & logo. I saw the work she had done on a friend’s site and really liked what she had done. From our first conversation, I knew Naomi was the right designer for me. She was passionate, professional and we connected instantly. Naomi is a talented designer who overhauled my website and logo to give them a much more professional look on time and on budget. I am very happy with her work and highly recommend her services.[/pullquote]

Carolyn White

Personal Trainer, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Wellness Coach

[pullquote width=”100%” float=”left”]I have to tell you how absolutely excited and enthusiastic Naomi has made me with her work on my website. It is truly rare to find someone who can take a rudimentary vision and bring it to life in a manner that surpasses expectations. Couple that with her timeliness and overall professionalism in executing the project, and, truly, I could not be more pleased.

I will continue to recommend Naomi and her amazing services to all of my business acquaintances.[/pullquote]

Paula Joseph

Owner of Paula Joseph Papery

[pullquote width=”100%” float=”left”]Working with Naomi makes every project easier. She’s a brilliant online marketer with the gift of design. What can I say, she just gets me![/pullquote]

Christa Realba

International Business Mentor, Founder of B21 – Business of the 21st Century

Valene Campbell

[pullquote width=”100%” float=”left”]I am thrilled to recommend Naomi for your website development needs. Naomi has an exceptional ability to listen effectively to your ideas and then transform your concepts into something creative and completely on target to suit your vision. Naomi goes above and beyond by researching all aspects of your project to ensure your design will be original and reflect your personality. She demonstrates professionalism through her communication and provides insightful recommendations that will have your project presented with brilliance. My overall experience with Naomi receives a 5 plus star rating from the first consultation to the end product and I look forward to returning to Naomi for future projects.[/pullquote]

Valene Campbell

Founder & Managing Director of ReVitahealth Home Healthcare & Wellness Services


[pullquote width=”100%” float=”left”]As a book publisher, I take great pride in the quality of the books I produce. When it comes to book covers, Naomi Fergusson is my designer of choice. She knows how to visually capture the theme of the book and create an eye-catching cover that invites readers to the look deeper. Her talent and eye for design is unique and distinguished. I absolutely recommend her services.[/pullquote]

Kerri-Ann Haye-Donawa

Writer, Editor, & Publisher at Conclusio Inc.

[pullquote width=”100%” float=”left”]Working with Naomi has been an absolute pleasure! She is professional, patient and very attentive to detail. I love the way she takes her time with the design process to really understand who you are and clearly reflect that in the designs she creates.[/pullquote]

Gorete Almeida

Culinary Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Dance Teacher