I am reminded once again that God is hearing my hearts cry, He is hearing my unspoken words that I hold deep in my heart, my deepest desires and my fears also. He hears it all and He cares about it and He’s working it out for me. Sometimes it feels like He’s not talking to us, we can’t hear His Voice or don’t feel Him near, but we need to be open to receive the message He’s sending to us and in what way.

He Hears, He Cares

A few weeks ago I went through a period of negative self-image. Lamenting my post-baby body and my so-called unreasonable motivation to do what needs to get done to whip this body back in shape. I got to feeling pretty bummed out about it and well, what do you know?! I got on Instagram and I saw I’d gained a new follower and she just “happeeds” to be all about body positivity for young/new moms! I saw a post from Mother.ly on facebook that one of my friends posted telling me to appreciate the strength and ability of my body for nurturing and bringing forth a human into this world. It’s actually a pretty big deal! Then I smiled to myself realizing that God hears and He cares. This was his way of telling me to stop beating myself up, stop feeling bad about my body and instead focus on the accomplishment of having a little human and becoming a Mother! Thank you God

A few days ago I was faced with a situation with a client. I wavered and stalled wondering how to answer without offending or loosing my client. Once again he sent me messages; through my inspirational daily calendar and a post from Heather Lindsay. I got what He was trying to tell me and I followed through, asking Him to give me the right words and He did! Both me and my client walked away feeling great and with our relationship intact!

These are just two small ways God has been showing up in my life lately, showing me, telling me that He hears and He cares. No matter how dark, dim, stagnant or intolerable things seem, He is working things out for us and letting us know that He cares.