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Wishing you a very Happy New Year. May it be filled with joy, laughter and gladness and may your blessings increase in every area of your life. May you focus on the things that are the most important and “not sweat the small stuff”.

Happy New Year 2018

May you grow as an individual, as a human being with more compasion and empathy for your neighbors near and far. May your health be optimal in body, mind and spirit. May you leave the negativity behind and embrace the positive elements in life no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. May you find gratitude every day for the next 364 days left in 2018. May you always find the silver lining behind every dark cloud and may you never forget that the sun is always shinning even when you can’t see it. Finally, may your heart and life be filled with the glory of God til your cup is overflowing and you’re drinking from your saucer.