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The day after my birthday, on February 28th at 9:21pm I finally met my son Gabriel King. It was a wonderful moment filled with so much awe, that love created this perfect little person.

So I had planned to write this beautiful text describing motherhood and how wonderful and exciting it is to finally be a mother. I had planned to share some details of Gabriel’s early days and it was meant to be inspiring and uplifting. Instead, here I am with my son over 2 months old and I am only NOW getting down to finishing or writing about the birth of my son. I decided to go with honesty and tell you that as good as my intentions were I just did NOT have the time to sit on my computer and write the story of meeting Gabriel and what it was like to finally be a mom. What I can tell you 2 months into being his mother, is that it’s a wonderful, exhausting, emotional, encompassing, overwhelming, beautiful and unique experience. I could seriously go on with the adjectives, but I guess you get the idea.

In the first month of his life, I was busy trying to get the hang of breastfeeding (it’s not as simple and straight forward as it looks), making sure Gabriel was gaining and not loosing weight, trying to get enough sleep so I could take care of Gabriel and being patient with my body to heal. All of this took an immense amount of time, effort and more emotional space than I anticipated. Nevertheless, I took it all in, minuet by minuet and day by day because I know that time goes by super fast and he’s going to grow so quick and also that these early days don’t last forever.

Here we are now, month 2 and things are less shakey than in the first month but not completely smooth yet. While we have settled into “somewhat” of a routine, Gabriel’s sleep schedule is still not quite predictable. I’m not complaining… I’m going with his flow. This month I’ve been treated to his smiles and his coos, gurgling and talking. It’s such a joy to be able to see him respond when I talk to him and to be able to make him smile. My heart swells whenever I hold him over my shoulder and feel his little arms gripping around my neck and my arms. My love for him just keeps on growing as I see him developing and growing every week.

I guess this post is timely after all seeing as this Sunday coming is Mother’s Day. It’s a little strange to think that this year I will be celebrated. I am a Mother. I had always thought one day I would be, but now that it’s actually happening, it feels a bit surreal. I am grateful though and thank God every day for this little bundle of joy, this precious life that he has entrusted me with to watch over and guide. I pray that God gives me whatever I need to guide and teach Gabriel to become a true Child of God, a man of Faith and an outstanding human being that is compassionate, honest and just.

Below are the newborn pictures of him that I was able to get taken by a very talented and highly recommended photographer Ann Leclerc. Her website isn’t up and running yet, but if you’d like her contact information, leave me your email in the comments and I’ll send it to you.

This is as honest a blog post as I can manage at this time in my journey as Gabriel’s mom. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I navigate the early days of Motherhod and feel free to share with me your motherhood successes and joys. The encouragement is very welcome!