Luscious Life Design is a global tribe of holistic entrepreneurs who are dedicated to uplifting lives. They are on a mission to create a world where optimal health, deep happiness, soulful wealth and positive relationships are the norm. 

I was referred to the founder of Luscious Life Design, Stephanie Packer by a longtime client of mine Christa Realba. Stephanie was looking for an update of the logo for Luscious Life Design. This tribe of powerful women and men are all about living life well and making money while they do it. I was immediately attracted to the holistic, balanced and abundant lifestyle that they not only live, but teach to anyone who is looking to live a life that is about more than the daily grind.

Since this was a rebrand, I took elements from their previous logo and merged them to create this updated look that Stephanie and her tribe fell in love with.


Luscious Life Design Old Logo


Luscious Life Design rebrand