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It has long been a dream of mine to experience living in another country. I was never sure when the opportunity would arise or where in the world I would end up. God saw fit to fulfill this dream of mine in the form of my husband who lives in Paris, France. So it was decided early on in our dating relationship that we would spend some time in Paris before settling for good in Canada.

Bonjour Paris!

I have been very much looking forward to the change of pace, change of life and anticipating what living in Paris will be like. I have lived in Montreal, Quebec Canada all my life but I’ve traveled often and to quite a number of places. This will be the first time I will be away from Montreal (home) for more then 2 weeks. I plan to explore as much of Paris as I can while I’m there and visit as much of France as I can. Maybe even hop over to some neighboring countries too!

While there I will still continue with my graphic work. My working hours may be different but I will do everything to accommodate my clients. I am so grateful to that God has given me this gift of design and freedom that allows me to be able to bring my work with me wherever I go. It is truly a blessing and I’m eager to create on a new continent and in a new country.